Tailor Made Brick Specials

Cradley Special Brick’s bespoke design and manufacturing service allows you to match or create unique one-off brick specials for your project. Using our experience and time-honoured production techniques, we are able to faithfully reproduce both patterned and shaped special shaped bricks. We have produced over 7,300 unique patterns to date. 

For many decades, the British have held a keen interest in historic buildings, but thanks to organisations and societies, such as English Heritage who work hard to promote the sustainable renovation and maintenance of historic buildings, there is a renewed pride in British quality and craftsmanship of the kind we have here at Cradley Special Brick.

Historically, special shaped bricks have been employed to help create the buildings of character and individuality that have formed and enhanced our architectural heritage. Today, the use of special shaped bricks provides architects and developers considerable scope in the design and build of imaginative and inspiring buildings, both traditional and modern.

Imperial sizes available
In addition to our standard range of bricks, we offer a full range of imperial sized bricks at 215 x 102.5 x 73mm. These are ideal for extensions and refurbishment projects.

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